Saturday, March 14, 2015

Oh man!

So walking through SXSW just looking at all the cool gaming stuff I walk by a table with a board game. On that table I see some printed stuff, I'm like, oh neat. So I walk over and I see some buildings. Oh hey it's a Zombie board game. That's cool. Then I realize something... I say without even thinking out loud...

Hey, I made that.

Oh man! It's a super secret project I was working on with Capture Dimension for another group, Advanced Imagination, and they were finally putting stuff out I could show!  They don't have all the buildings printed out but there are two that I worked on. 

I wish there were more images of the school house I originally did as that was my favorite. But here are two they had. I'm going to see tomorrow if they will let me get more pictures!

I was so surprised I had to take a picture with them! ^_^