Monday, June 30, 2014

Some fun stuff

So I've been trying my hand at hand painting. I was given a 3D Motive tutorial some time ago from a co-worker and I decided to work on it. I'm still in fact working on it, but I thought I would show it off.

I used the model given, as I just wanted to jump into the tutorial painting. The tutorial is by Tyson Murphy and fantastic! (

Anyways. Here is where one day of progress landed me so far!

Also a quick speed sculpt

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Speed Sculpts first half of 2014

I try to update as much as possible with my speed sculpts


Here are some images of models and textures I worked on for the original Churble Kickstarter. (The fur texture was done by another artist.)

Stomach of the beast

This was an environment done for an indie developer who was going by the name Pixol Warrior.

Rock guy rocks

This was done for an Indie game. Not sure if it ever got placed in game.

SketchFab view of rock guy

Here are some rocks that were also for the indie project. 


Old Project I spent a little bit on.

Sketchfab view of the model

2013 Speed Sculpt Highlights